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Did you know...

The foundation of every gorgeous  hair style is in the prep

How Should I Prep My Hair ?

1. Please shampoo and condition the night before the wedding .

I recommend using a sulfate free shampoo. Sulfates are drying to the hair. Use a light weight conditioner that detangles well and doesn't weigh hair down.

2. Apply the gel that was provided to you at the bridal trial to your hair roots to ends


3. Make sure your hair is 100% dry upon arrival  Even the smallest amount of dampness can cause curls and styles to be limp and not hold the entire day. You can choose to blow dry or air dry. If you air dry just be sure the hair is 100% dry upon arrival.


4. It is best to avoid braids, ponytails, buns, after drying the hair.  This can cause demarcation in the hair that will take more time to smooth out for your style.


5. Attention Curly Girl

            * If you are wearing your hair straight. DO NOT FLAT  IRON YOUR HAIR. Please follow the above prep.

            * If you are wearing your hair curly. Please follow the above instructions the morning of the wedding, but be                   sure your curls are dry upon arrival. If you can follow the prep the night before and your curls will stay intact                 after sleeping on it that is fine as well. 

6. Wear a button up blouse or zippy so you do not need to remove your shirt over your head when you change.






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