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Have you ever used a soap or lotion and got a rash? How about a break out on your face after trying a new makeup? In some cases, maybe you even experienced a reaction that required medical attention after using a hair color. I bet you know someone with asthma who experiences an asthma attack after breathing a heavily scented candle or perfume. These individuals have all experienced an allergic reaction. These situations really aren't as uncommon as you would think. 



My Allergy Journey 

I spent years in the beauty industry using lots of different brands to achieve the results my clients wanted. Then one day, it all came to a screeching halt. My hands were on fire with a burning itching rash that couldn't be ignored. Before I knew it, the same rash had moved up my arms to my elbows and was even spreading along my hair line and down my back. A visit to the doctor for a dose of steroids cleared it up, but it came right back.


After consulting with an allergist and undergoing a battery of tests, my worst fears were confirmed. I had developed allergies to ingredients I was using everyday behind the chair.  It was a nightmare. I was a new business owner and every single product I was using except 3 contained these ingredients or a derivative of it.  It was time to make some serious changes or leave an industry I loved. I spent hours researching my allergies, finding alternatives and trying new brands that fell in line with my needs. 

As I spent time at the allergist and dermatologist for treatments, I met many other patients that had similar issues to varying degrees. Through my experiences and research I have been able to help many clients meet their beauty goals without sacrificing their health in the process. 

Annex has become a refuge for individuals who would not be able to visit a traditional salon environment without coming in contact with ingredients they are allergic to. 

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