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Its true, clean beauty is a passion of mine. I believe that you should never have to sacrifice your health to look beautiful. I personally have experienced poor health directly related to my choice of personal care products. I met so many individuals that were struggling the same way and I knew I never wanted others to walk that journey without support.

Annex was born from that experience.

Together we will learn how

beauty and wellness coexist. We will form an individualized plan to meet all of your beauty goals  while keeping you looking and feeling your best. 

Meet your stylist

As  owner of Annex Hair Studio I am so excited to share this experience with you. I want your first visit to be amazing so you keep coming back for more. 

Meeting a new stylist is intimidating. I hope we can become fast friends and you feel comfortable giving me your honest feedback. I have created Annex to be a safe space where we can work together  to meet your beauty goals, increase your knowledge of wellness. and build friendships. 

In the salon I spend time learning through lots of continuing education. I love to share what I learn through mentoring as a member of the Occupational Advisory committee at CPAVTS, and teaching clients how to understand ingredients, properly use your recommended products and successfully style your hair at home 

Outside of the salon I spend my time with my kiddo Clayten, and my hubby Tony. We enjoy family movie night, walking the rail trail with our pug Guss, snuggling our crazy cat Rosie, and traveling when
ever possible. 

                                                     Can't wait to meet you,




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