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  • Do you work with hair extensions?
    Yes. The team at Bridals By Annex is able to style hair that has existing extensions. We are not able to maintain existing extensions. Please see your extensions specialist for maintenance prior to your trial and day of services. We are able to install clip in extensions only. Bridal party members requesting clip in extension installs will be charged $50 for the additional time. Brides clip in extension installs are free Please notify your stylist of any clip in extension install requests prior to your timeline being created to allow for additional time. All extensions including clip in extensions must be 100% human hair. If your style requires extensions we can help you purchase them or recommend an experienced extension specialist to assist you. Bridals by Annex reserves the right to refuse to use your extensions and we are not responsible for any damage done to them during your trial or day of service.
  • Parking and Tolls
    Parking and tolls are based on the travel needs of your stylist. Please notify your stylist ahead of time if your venue or getting ready space does not have dedicated parking.
  • How far does Bridals By Annex travel?
    Bridals By Annex travels between Philadelphia PA to Fredrick Maryland. When traveling more than 2hours from Annex Hair Studio and some "early start" weddings, overnight accommodations will be added to ensure our team is onetime and available to provide your services on the day of your wedding. Destination weddings will be taken into consideration on a case by case opportunity. Please give me as many details as possible to better determine my travel logistics.
  • Are there travel fees?
    Yes. Travel is calculated at $1 per mile round trip per stylist Additional travel charges could include overnight accommodations, tolls, and parking. This will all be detailed prior to your final agreement signing.
  • Do you offer makeup application?
    No. However we do work closely with several talented MUA's. We offer two packages that include Vendor Referrals. Please choose our Bridal Basic Plus Package or our Bridal Deluxe Package to utilize our referral services.
  • Can you accommodate large bridal parties?
    Yes. I have a team of stylists that are available to accommodate large bridal parties. An additional stylist may be added for any bridal party that schedules more than 6 services or has a start and stop time that would require an additional artist. Be sure to have a final head count prior to signing your final contract.
  • How do I secure my wedding date?
    Securing your wedding date is easy. Just follow these easy steps Complete the Bridal Intake Form in as much detail as possible. I use this form to prepare a customized bridal quote for your day of services. Contact me once you have reviewed the customized brochure notifying me you would like to book my services for your wedding day. Pay your bridal retainer invoice and sign your agreement Schedule your Bridal Trial in the 90 day window prior to your wedding day. (I recommend that you contact me 120days prior to your wedding day to schedule your Bridal Trial for the best availability) A final agreement and invoice will be sent out after your trail. The invoice will be for half of your day of services (you have the option to pay for the total day of services at this time) A final invoice of the balance will be due 14 days prior to your wedding date.
  • Is my Bridal Trial retainer transferable or refundable?
    Your Bridal Trial retainer covers the cost of your bridal trial and includes the admin fee detailed in your pricing brochure. A bridal trial retainer can be transferred to another date as long as it is rescheduled to stay within a 90 day window of your wedding day. I understand unavoidable things happen and schedules change. Please don't wait until the last minuet to schedule your trial this will help avoid scheduling conflicts. Your Bridal Trial retainer is NOT refundable. Part of the retainer covers my time to coordinate all of the details for your big day and locks in your date preventing me from scheduling other weddings or events that day.
  • Do you offer a Bridal Trial?
    Yes. We request all of our beautiful brides join us for a Bridal Trial 90 days before their wedding day. I recommend that you contact us at least 120 days prior to your wedding day to schedule your trial for best availability. If you live outside the area, please be sure to let us know if you will be in town meeting with other vendors so we can try to accomdate your travels. We can also discuss traveling to you for an additional fee if you are within our travel radius.
  • What should I bring to my bridal trial?
    Please bring the following to your trial if they apply: Bridal Hair Accessories: this includes barrettes, clips, pins or anything you plan on wearing in your hair on your wedding day except fresh flowers Bridal Veil, If your veil has not arrived yet or is at the seamstress getting altered I do have a fingertip length trial veil available. It is helpful but not necessary to wear a shirt with the same neckline as your dress for your trial. I encourage you to bring your earrings and necklace you have chosen for your wedding day. It is helpful to see the entire look.
  • Do you offer trials for other bridal party members or MOB/MOG?
    Nope, Hair previews are exclusive to the bride/main client only. If anyone in your party has questions about their look, have them contact me and we can talk about their concerns.
  • Why do you require a Bridal Trial?
    Bridals By Annex requests that all of our brides book a bridal trial to ensure your satisfaction on your wedding day. Many brides are unsure what style will look best with their features and their dress. We offer the Bridal Trial Deluxe especially for these brides. It gives us the most time to try multiple styles. The bridal trial gives both of us an opportunity to preview the style you choose for your wedding day ahead of time. It also give me as the stylist the opportunity to work with your hair, and minimize any unknowns that could come up as we style. We will also make sure that placement of your bridal hair accessories and veil is compatible with the hair style of your choice.
  • How do I schedule a bridal trial?
    1. After you have received your custom bridal brochure with pricing and approve it, please notify me that you want to proceed with scheduling a trial 2. Choose which Bridal Trial package you want. Bridal Trial (1.5hours) perfect for the bride who is confident in the style she wants. This package allows for one style only. Bridal Trial Deluxe (2.5 hours) Perfect for the bride who wants to see multiple style options or isn't sure what style she wants. This package allows for 2 styles 3. Sign the Bridal Trial Agreement and pay your retainer. The retainer will include the cost of the Bridal Trial and the admin time itemized in your pricing brochure. 4. Schedule your Bridal Trial online at www.theannex. biz or by calling the salon at 717-776-6006. Bridal trials are provided 90 days before your wedding. I recommend we touch base a minimum of 4 months before your wedding day to schedule your bridal trial. Bridal trials are offered in the salon Monday- Friday during regular business hours. Saturday and Sunday trials are offered on a case by case basis and will be charged a 20% upcharge to schedule outside of normal business hours. If you live out of town and need to travel for your trial please let me know if you will be in town meeting with other vendors so we can try to schedule them together.
  • When should I schedule my bridal trial?
    We request that all of our brides schedule their bridal trial 90 days before their wedding day. It is recommended that you contact us a minimum or 120 days prior to your wedding day to ensure availability in the 90 day window. If you will be traveling from out of town to meet with other vendors please let us know in advance so we can try to accommodate your travel. Bridal Trials are provided Mon- Friday during normal business hours. Weekend availability is very limited do to onsite weddings and events. I recommend booking your bridal hair trial on the same day as your dress fitting and or makeup trial if possible to get the full effect.
  • How should I prep my hair for my bridal trial?
    Please have your hair freshly clean and 100% dry within 24 hours of your trial. Please use minimal styling products. A light hold gel is preferred and will actually help with prep if you have it available. If possible avoid tight ponytails, buns and clips that will cause indentation on the hair after washing and drying hair.
  • How should my bridal party prep their hair for the wedding day?
    Please have your bridal party shampoo and condition the night before your wedding. All bridal party members need to have 100 % dry hair upon arrival to the venue. If your one of your bridal party members arrive with hair that is not prepped correctly or dry they will go last and an additional 20% will be added to their style to cover the additional time it takes to dry and prep hair for styling. I also reserve the right to refuse to style a bridal party member if their hair is not dry, prepped correctly or is too dirty to style. A refund will not be issued. Bridal party members can air dry hair or blow dry after washing. If they choose to air dry please make sure the hair is 100% dry. This is very important for the style to last thru the night. I recommend avoiding braids, buns, ponytails or clips after prepping hair to avoid demarcation of the hair. Demarcation will take additional time to smooth for their style. If a bridal party member has curly hair please discuss this with me ahead of time. In most cases they will do the above prep in the morning if we are using their natural curl for the style. If a bridal party member has extra long, thick hair or wants a very detailed style please discuss this with me ahead of time to ensure we have allowed for additional styling time. (Possible up charge for longer styling time) Wear a button up shirt or zippy to avoid removing clothing over the head after styling
  • How should I prep my hair for my wedding day?
    1. Please shampoo and condition the night before your wedding day with the shampoo and conditioner I provide for you. This will be specially chosen for your hair type. 2. I need your hair 100% dry for your style to hold the entire day and into the end of your reception. You can choose to blow dry or air dry. If you air dry just be sure the hair is 100% dry upon arrival. Even the smallest amount of dampness can cause curls and styles to be limp and not hold the entire day. 3. It is best to avoid braids, ponytails, buns, after drying the hair, this can cause demarcation in the hair that will take more time to smooth out for your style. 4. If you have curly hair and want to use your natural curl for style. You should follow the above hair prep in the morning unless your natural curl will be usable after sleeping on it. We will discuss this in more detail at your trial 5. Wear a button up blouse or zippy so you do not need to remove your shirt over your head when you change.
  • Do you provide a schedule for the wedding day?
    Yes. In your agreement I will provide you with a start and end time. Our Bridal Deluxe Package includes a detailed schedule that will be sent out the week prior to your wedding. The detailed schedule will be a guideline to help you and your bridesmaids know where they need to be when. Keep in mind this is a rough estimate and not a strict time line. I always build in additional time into the timeline to account for unknowns. When creating your timeline it is helpful for me to have the some details such as: MUA contact info Photographer contact info What time you can access your getting ready location? What time you need to start getting dressed? What time do your bridesmaids need to start getting dressed? Are you doing any robe shots with your bridesmaids? Are you doing a first look? Bridesmaids with extra long or thick hair or with extremally detailed styles will take longer than the normal 45min I account for. Bridesmaids who have curl resistant hair
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